Welcome to the 

Where your environment is stronger than your willpower...and where you will raise the consciousness of your SOUL towards higher vibration.
A SPACE where you will share spiritual energy and deepen your spiritual practice...
and the PORTAL for you to be a part of something greater.

"The Soul Space Portal is home.  It is love, wisdom, calm, peace, realignment, understanding, uplifting, connection, knowledge and so much more.  It is a gathering place of souls who wish to shine their light brighter and have that light hug others.  Thank you Sally for your gift of sharing all of this."

~Suzanne Plunkett



Get your energy flowing and discover your soul again

A sacred space awaits. 

Imagine a beautiful space designed to awaken your spirit and very own soul style. A supportive place to return to again and again to remember who YOU are.
Be nurtured with mindful rituals and soulful wellness that infuses high vibe energy into the life you deserve to be living.

Learn, practice, evolve and live life in SOUL.

Is your soul searching for clarity? 
Are you yearning to live a connected, purposeful + beaUtiful life? 

Look no further my beautiful friend. Step into our portal to create peace, happiness, flow, and spiritual wellness


Create a life of empowerment with passion + purpose

The SOUL SPACE PORTAL is more than just a gym membership for your mind, body + soul ... it's an interactive, life-changing experience that will guide you to your highest life path. You'll get access to transformational tools that will help you reclaim your soul and discover your authentic SELF.

Imagine... tuning into what fuels your soul and unearthing your superpower. Amazing possibilities within you right NOW are meant to come alive.

You have a special gift. 

 It's time to embody your MAGIC.


Be surrounded by a spiritual community that support and encourage your journey.

The SOUL SPACE PORTAL is an online sacred sanctuary for spiritual seekers. A place to gather and provide resources and support so that you can:

+ Gain clarity on what fulfills your soul so that you can fulfill your life purpose with confidence. 
+ Release fears, blocks and limiting beliefs from old stories 
+ Be held energetically accountable for setting and achieving your spiritual goals
+ Lighten up and BE YOU

The SOUL SPACE PORTAL mission is to inspire and empower you to finally start living the life your soul intended.

Connect to your Spirituality-it isn’t what you do, it is WHO you are.


Immerse yourself in the 
and join our monthly membership today.

"Having worked with other spiritual coaches, Sally is truly gifted.  Her ability to meet people where they are is unlike anything that I have ever experienced."  

~ Donna King-President Leader of Homeland Industrial Supply


less than $3/day and much more soul fulfilling than a latte ;)

Monthly LIVE Zoom Coaching Calls
Soak up the high energy vibes of this uplifting coaching circle either virtually or on replay in the portal.
1st Thursday of each month at 
3:33 pm EST via zoom & private FB Group
Coaching and accountability on the  following soulful seasonal practices:
✨ Get Your Shui Together
✨ Discover Your Soul Word
✨ Chakra Detox
✨ Energy Glow Up
Meditation Magic
Make each week a great week by unlocking your potential
 through guided 
Meditation Magic 
LIVE every Monday at
9 am EST in the Portal (FB Group)

Join in on a weekly LIVE collective oracle reading that will provide energy guidance for your week ahead. 
Every Wednesday at 
11:11 am EST in the Portal (FB Group)
to The MOON
Each month attune to the energy of the moon cycle using rituals and meditation

Will be posted in the Portal (FB Group) 
Soul Support
Support your mind, body, soul and spirit in this high-vibe, sacred space with people who will lift you up and give you the confidence to shine.

 "Working with Sally is coming home to your true self.   Each session is deep, dynamic, transformative, heart centered and no nonsense. 
I truly trust her with my whole heart and soul!

~ Deb Atella, Best selling Author & Life coach


What is the Soul Space Portal Membership?
SSP is a monthly gym membership for your SOUL!  The Portal community is accessed through our private FB Group, where you will receive continuing spiritual wellness classes to support your overall wellbeing, and keep you connected + present with the SOUL of life!

Your membership includes:

Monthly LIVE ZOOM Coaching Circle
Seasonal Soul Life-Styling 
Weekly Monday Meditations 
LIVE Weekly Woo Wednesday Readings
Monthly Full Moon + New Moon Rituals
Seasonal Soul Life-Styling 
Soul Community Support
What happens after I join the membership?
Once you've completed registration, you will receive a 'Thank You' page with a link to the private Facebook Group and code to gain access.  You will also receive an email as backup with the same information.  Once you join, you have access to past recording in the 'Guide' section + future recordings on the feed.
How do I participate in the monthly Full Moon + New Moon Rituals?
Full Moon & New Moon rituals will be posted on the Soul Space Portal FB Group for you to participate.
What if I miss a LIVE event or zoom?
No problem!  All classes will be recorded and links shared in the GUIDES section of our FB community, all appropriately labeled for each offering for your convenience.
When do the seasonal Soul Style Living programs happen and how?
Each season in the SSP we will be growing together through a follow along program challenge!  Dates for when each seasonal Soul Style Living program launch will be shared on the monthly calendar and within the Portal/FB Group.
How do monthly payments process?
Your first payment is due the day you sign up.  From there you will be billed every month on the day you enrolled.
How can I cancel my membership?
You can cancel at any time.  Just inform us at least 2 days prior to your next billing date to ensure you are not charged for that next billing date.  Please send all inquiries to info.sallysoul@gmail.com 
What if I have a question that is not listed on this page?
mailto:  info.sallysoul@gmail.com


Soul Leader, Reiki Master Teacher , Transformational Life Coach, Speaker, Spiritual Mentor/Leader, and Meditation Coach

I believe our souls are here to grow and experience life through your unique expression, your authentic personality. It is my life mission to help ignite the light within you, to guide you away from suffering so that you may start living your life connected to soul and most importantly, LOVING YOUR BEAUTIFUL LIFE!  

As the world focuses on problems, here in the Soul Space Portal we focus on Soul, Love and Positive energy that grows us stronger and healthier. The portal community supports you in your spiritual wellness and energetic vibrancy creating an interconnectedness with mind, heart and soul, while doing so in a likeminded community. Energetic wellness is the NEW hot + healthy! It is important to know who you are and WHO you are becoming. It is my intention to lovingly nourish who you are becoming week after week, month after month as we share sacred space that enlivens your energy and sets your soul on fire!

I hold space for this portal because I desire to live this way and I know others do too. Step into the portal and remember who you are… You are a beautiful SOUL.  

I am so happy you have arrived :)

Sally Soul

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